Siegfried Wenzel, Elucidations : Medieval Poetry and Its Religious Backgrounds

Siegfried Wenzel, Elucidations : Medieval Poetry and Its Religious Backgrounds. Peeters : Louvain-Paris-Walpole, MA, 2009, ISBN 978-90-429-2195-5, 358 p.

« The 27 reprinted essays and one so far unpublished lecture assembled in this collection deal with works by Chaucer, Langland, Dante, Petrarch, Middle-English lyrics and drama, and several broader topics, such as the Three Enemies of Man, the pilgrimage of life, and the figure of the wise fool. In them the author applies his long-standing interest and study of medieval sermons and penitential literature to elucidate different aspects of major works of medieval poetry as well as of smaller details that have caused critical concern. Most of the essays contain hitherto unpublished medieval Latin texts. »

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